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In Grups I have attempted to explicate the gap between childhood, when play comes naturally, and adulthood, when the joys of play are rediscovered as we have children. I have replaced the age inappropriate accessories that make my peers appear to be adults with equally age inappropriate ones. I live in the space between our carefree past and our inevitable return to juvenile-ality in our future. In this I have found that the seriousness that my peers carry themselves with is nothing more than a façade; we are all children at heart.
Many of my models, when handed their respective toys, did not know what to do with them. This loss, or suppression perhaps, of imagination and growth of modesty was surprising. Even more surprising is the small amount of prodding needed to revert the typical 20-something attitude that a large number of my peers carry into an exclamation of “OH YEAH! And then the fire truck saves the people from the car wreck AND THEN…”
I kept the shooting of Grups within the boundaries of the studio in hopes of both giving the impression of fakeness to both parallel the façade under which this group operates as well as to remove any optical distraction. The photographs that make up Grups are about the actions my models are committing, not where they are or why. The toy selection was spurred by what I remember being the iconic toys of my own youth that I continue to see children play with today.
Grups is meant to reinvigorate our overwhelmed imagination and bring a smile to the viewers face as they remember, and hope to relive, their childhood bliss.